Alert Level for COVID-19 is pulled up.

Thank you for your cooperation about prevention measures against COVID-19 infection. 

In Gunma prefecture, since both the number of new infected persons and the number of infected persons by unknown route exceeded the next criteria of the alert level based on “Guideline for Reopening the Social Economic Action”, the alert level was pulled up to the level-2 from August 15th. 

The number of infected persons is increasing in Gunma and in Tatebayashi Public Health Center Jurisdiction. Residents in Oizumi Town, please practice the “new life style”, and make efforts to prevent COVID-19 infection such as refraining from going to the area that infected persons are increasing such as Tokyo unless absolutely necessary, avoiding 3Cs (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, Close-Contact-Setting), and paying special attention when elderlies and/or persons who have underlying diseases go out. 

For more details about the alert level, please visit the web-site of Gunma Prefecture or Facebook of One-Stop Consultation Center for Foreign Residents of Gunma.