Disaster Prevention Information with Alert Level

From June, 2019, the town announces evacuation advisories and alerts using five alert levels so that residents can clearly understand what actions they should take, when a disaster such as a flood damage or a landslide occurs due to a heavy rain or a typhoon.

Risk Level

Alert Level

Actions that residents should take Evacuation Information, etc.


Best course of action to safeguard life.

Outbreak of Disaster

Evacuate immediately. If risk of natural disaster occurring is imminent, take immediate action to ensure your safety by seeking shelter in the safest nearby building or in the safest room in your building. 

Evacuation advisory, Evacuation Instructions (Emergency)

Mid. 3

Evacuate beginning with the elderly, disabled, children as well as their helper. Others should prepare for evacuation, or begin voluntary evacuation.

Evacuation preparations, Begin evacuation of the elderly, etc.

2 Re-check evacuation areas and routes with Oizumi Hazard Map.


Low 1 Pay attention to the latest weather information. Possibility of a Warning

The alert level 1 and 2 are announced by Japan Meteorological Agency, and  the alert level from 3 to 5 are announced by the town with the disaster prevention administrative radio. 

When the alert level 3 is issued, begin evacuation if you are a person who take a time to evacuate such as elderly.  When the alert level 4 is issued, all of you should evacuate immediately. When the alert level 3 or 4 is issues, evacuate safely and properly by communicating with people of your local community.

In the meantime, the alert level may not be announced in turn from 1 to 5. Even though the alert has not been announced by the town, please take appropriate actions for evacuation in reference to weather forecasts.

For the unexpected, please check evacuation places and evacuation routes with Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map or Oizumi Town Disaster Prevention Manual for evacuating safely. 

Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map:大泉町総合防災マップ

Oizumi Town Disaster Prevention Manual:大泉町防災マニュアル