Disaster Prevention Administrative Radio

Oizumi Town has introduced the disaster prevention administrative radio with putting 53 radio speakers at 53 points of public spaces and schools since July 1st, 2017 so that emergency information such as natural disaster related information and evacuation advisories can be announced to inhabitants quickly.  

As for the disaster prevention administrative radio

The disaster prevention administrative radio is the broadcasting system that weather information such as a record breaking heavy rain or typhoon, emergency information at an earthquake, or evacuation advisories issued by the town are announced to inhabitants simultaneously. An announcement is broadcast through radio speakers all over town.  

In the meantime, the chime (Westminster Chime) is broadcast at 5PM every day as the experimental broadcasting.

※Westminster chime is used at many schools. 

When it was hard for you to listen to the broadcasting,

When it was hard for you to listen to the broadcasting or you missed listening to it, you can get the same information by a telephone service. Please note that you can take it within only 24 hours after the broadcasting.  

Phone number of Free Telephone Service


If you can’t connect to the number above for free, another phone number  0276-61-0500 is available for a charge.

For details, please contact the safe and security section (Anzen-Anshin-ka) in Oizumi Town Hall at 0276-63-3111 (Switchboard Number).