Earthquake Early Warning / Tunami Warning by NHK

Earthquake Early Warning

Japan Meteorological Agency issues an earthquake early warning and notifies of areas where strong ground shaking will occur from now when they catch data of a large earthquake.  

In this case, all channels of NHK notify you by using a special sound that the earthquake early warning was issued. And within a short time, a map of the regions where strong shaking will occur is shown in a TV screen.   

Please protect yourself immediately with hiding you under a desk or similar conditions when this is the case.  

Tsunami Waring

Japan Meteorological Agency issues a large tsunami warning or a tsunami warning when there is possibility to have a large tsunami.  

In this case, all channels of NHK notify you that the (large) tsunami warning was issued,  and the tsunami area is shown with a color in the map.   

You can hear this notice in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese at the supplementary audio channel of NHK General TV and at NHK Radio-2.

When the tsunami warning is issued in the area where you live, please evacuate immediately to higher location as much as possible.

About programs of NHK Radio-2, please refer to the following web-site.