Multilingual of the area e-mail (the emergency prompt e-mail)多言語対応の「エリアメール(緊急速報メール)」について

The Area e-Mail (the emergency prompt e-mail) service, which notifies of emergency information such as disasters by loud sounds and pop-up messages, has started multilingual service since 2015.

As of September, 2016, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish are available. In addition, easy Japanese (around 1 year resident level in Japan) for other language speakers is also prepared.

Since the Area e-Mail (the emergency prompt e-mail) service becomes one of important news source in the event of emergencies,  please prepare to be able to receive it at any time.

特徴や注意点 Features and Precautions

 A cost to receive the Area e-Mail (the emergency prompt e-mail) is free.

No registration of your e-mail address is required, e-mails are sent simultaneously to every mobile phone corresponding to this service in a distribution area.

When the mobile phone is off, when there is no signal, or when you are talking, you can’t receive the e-mail.

Since there are some mobile phones that an individual setting for receiving the e-mail service is required or that is not corresponding to this service, please ask mobile phone companies for details or check the following web-site of each company. 

External link to NTT Docomo: NTTドコモ(外部リンク)

External link to au: au(外部リンク)

External link to Softbank Mobile: ソフトバンクモバイル(外部リンク)