Temporary Loan Emergency Funds due to influence of COVID-19

In order to meet the financial needs of households that have experienced a decrease in income due to COVID-19, special measures have been established for the Emergency Small Amount Fund and General Support Funds of the Welfare Fund Loan System.
Gunma Prefecture Social Welfare Council provides special loans such as emergency small amount special loans, etc. for those who are struggling with living expenses due to temporary stoppage of work or unemployment. 

Households that are facing temporary stoppage of work (Emergency Small Amount Fund)

Small loans will be made available to those who are facing urgent temporary difficulties in maintaining their livelihood.  

Applicable households

Households facing a decrease in income due to temporary stoppage of work, etc. as a result of COVID-19, and that require an urgent temporary loan to maintain their livelihood. 

Loan amount upper limit

100,000 yen (200,000 yen for special loans such as temporary stoppage of work at school, etc.) 

Households that have become unemployed (General Support )

Loan will be made available for necessary living expenses until members of the household are able to recover their livelihood. 

Eligible households

Households affected by COVID-19 that are suffering financially because of reduced income or unemployment, making it difficult to maintain their daily life. 

Loan amount upper limit

Two or more persons: 200,000 yen/month
Single person: 150,000 yen/month

Loan period: Within 3 months in principle (There is possibility of extension.)

Brochure (Multilingual)

Application and Inquiries

Oizumi Town Social Welfare Council 

Phone: 0276-63-2294