Requests about COVID-19

Requests to Residents

Please take infection prevention measures, such as coughing manners and washing your hands frequently, as well as cold and influenza.

Please take the same infection prevention measures as for colds and influenza, such as coughing manners and frequent hand washing.
If you have a fever or symptoms of cold, please do not go out and have some rest.

  • Please wash you hands frequently with soap and disinfectant when you get home, before or after cooking, and before eating.  
  • If you cough or sneeze with your hands, the virus may get on your hands and be transferred to something you touch with your hands (such as a doorknob), which can then pass the disease on to others. Wear a face mask or use a tissue or the inside of your arm when coughing or sneezing without a face mask.

Guideline for Consultation and Medical Examination

If you have the following symptoms, please contact Gunma Prefecture COVID-19 Call Center without being patient. Consultation is also available for cases that do not fall under these categories.

  • If you have any of the following strong symptoms: breathlessness (dyspnea), severe lethargy (fatigue), or high fever.
  • If you are the one who is prone to serious illness (elderly, people with underlying diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, respiratory diseases, or people on dialysis, or people using immunosuppressive drugs or anticancer drugs) and have relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever and cough. 
  • If you continue to have relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever and cough.

If symptoms persist for more than four days, be sure to consult with us. Symptoms vary from person to person, so if you think you have strong symptoms, please contact the Gunma Prefecture COVID-19 Call Center immediately. The same applies to people who must continue to take antipyretics and other medications.

For details, please see the following PDF files.

To pregnant women

As a precaution, please contact Gunma Prefecture COVID-19 Call Center as well as those who are prone to serious illness. 

To guardians who have a child

For children, it is preferable to have a pediatrician examine them. Please consult with the Gunma Prefecture COVID-19 Call Center or your pediatrician by phone.

Consultation Counter

Gunma Prefecture COVID-19 Call Center

  • Phone: 0570-082-820
  • Operation Hours: 9:00 ~ 21:00 (Other than this hours, call to 027-223-1111. )

Phone Consultation of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare    

  • Phone: 0120-565653 (Toll free)
  • Operation Hours: 9:00 ~ 21:00

Call Center for Foreign Tourists, Japan Tourism Agency

  • Phone: 050-3816-2787
  • Operation Hours: 24 hours, 365 days
  • Available language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
  • Scope of support: Emergency Guidance (Sickness, Accident), Disaster Guidance, General Sightseeing Guidance

To prevent infectious diseases

  • Wash your hands with soap thoroughly. 
  • Get enough sleep and nutrition. 
  • Practice good coughing manners by wearing a face mask when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid going out unnecessarily and avoid crowds.
  • Wear a face mask when you see a doctor. 

Contact Information 

Health Promotion Division
Phone: 0276-62-2121