Measures to Alleviate Congestion at Regional Immigration Bureau to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a part of procedures such as applying for permission to extend the period of stay has been changed as follows.

Furthermore, those whose term of stay will expire in July are also newly eligible (as of May 12, 2020).


Foreign nationals whose term of residence expires between March and July 2020 (excluding those with the residence status of “Temporary Visitor” and “Designated Activities [departure preparation period]”)

This includes people who must apply for residence status between March and July, including those born in Japan.


Applications for permission to extend the period of stay and permission to change the residence status will be accepted until three months after the expiration date.

Please see the following notice for details.


The application period will not be extended when applying for extending the validity period of the residence card.
If your residence card expires between March and July 2020, do not forget to renew it.