Notice of Nursing Care Support Volunteer Program

Oizumi Town will implement a Nursing Care Support Volunteer Program with the aim of promoting social participation and community contribution activities of elderly people, and accordingly contributing to their own long-term prevention care and health promotion.

Program Contents

If you register as a nursing care support volunteer and carry out the volunteer activities at long-term care insurance facilities designated by the town, you will earn points. Depending on the number of points you earned, Oizumi Stamp Member’s Common Shopping Vouchers will be issued in the following fiscal year.


  • Persons aged 65 years or older who live in the town and are not certified as requiring support or long-term care
  • Persons who are not delinquent in payment of long-term care insurance premiums

Facilities Accepting Volunteer Activities

  • Special Nursing Home for the Elderly Ainohana(2392-3 Yoshida)
  • Special Nursing Home for the Elderly Asahi(4-17-30 Asahi)
  • Geriatric Health Services Facility Izuminosato(1-26-1 Kita-Koizumi)
  • Special Nursing Home for the Elderly Oizumi-en(2001 Kokai)
  • Group home Ai(5-9-1 Nishi-Koizumi)
  • Group home Magenta(106 Yorikido)
  • Ishinoryogoen(1070 Yorikido)
  • Taiyouno-Ie(1321-1 Yorikido)
  • Oizumi Town Regional Comprehensive Support Center(2465 Yoshida)

Eligible Volunteer Activities

  • Guidance for recreation (singing, exercise, etc.) and operation assistance/li>
  • Assistance for serving tea, serving meals, and clearing away plates in the dining room
  • Operation assistance for coffee shops, etc.
  • Assistance with walking, outings, or inside a facility
  • Assistance at events/occasions (refreshment booths, venue management, user assistance, entertainment performances, etc.)
  • Listening to and talking with facility residents
  • Environmental improvement inside and outside facilities
  • Guidance on hobbies
  • Playing minor and supplementary roles regarding activities of facility staff (organizing laundry, changing sheets, etc.)
  • Support for activities conducted by the Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Other activities deemed appropriate by the mayor

Program to Prevent Infection Together

To prevent spread of COVID-19, masks made by the town residents will be distributed free of charge to facilities for the elderly. For each handmade mask donated, two nursing care support volunteer stamps will be given.

standards of masks

Use the following standards. Please note that masks that do not meet these standards cannot be accepted.


  • Deadline:Friday, May 22, 2020 (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
  • Time:8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
  • Location:Health & Welfare General Center counter in the Elderly Care Division


Please bring a nursing care support volunteer handbook to receive stamps in exchange for a mask.

Registration Method

  1. Take a nursing care support volunteer course and register as a volunteer after the course. A handbook will be issued to the registered volunteer.
    The date of the nursing care support volunteer course in FY2020 has not been decided yet. For details, please contact the Elderly Care Division.
  2. Depending on the number of stamps (points) you earned, Oizumi Stamp Member’s Common Shopping Vouchers will be issued.

Application for Receiving Nursing Care Support Volunteer Gifts

Application Period

April 1 to April 30

Reception Time of Application

8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays


Oizumi Town Health and Welfare Center(2465 Yoshida, Oizumi Machi)
Nursing Care Insurance Section, Elderly Care Division

Things to bring

  • Nursing care support volunteer handbook (issued in FY2019)
  • Application form for issuance of nursing care support volunteer gifts
  • Consent for inspection of town tax payment, etc.
  • Identification card (drivers’ license, health insurance card, etc.)
  • seal (not Shachihata)

Delivery method

  • After accepting the application, shopping vouchers will be sent to those who meet the requirements.
  • Please come to the Health & Welfare General Center to receive shopping vouchers during the designated period.


  • The next fiscal year’s nursing care support volunteer handbook will be provided to those who want it, even if they have not exchanged their points. Please bring your old handbook to the Elderly Care Division counter.
  • Ten or more stamps are accepted for exchange.

Contact Information

Elderly Care Division, Health & Welfare Department
Phone number:0276-62-2121