Restaurant Support Campaign, “Iemeshi Coupon”

As part of the restaurant support campaign, Oizumi Town distributes restaurant support coupons called “Iemeshi Coupon,” which can be used when ordering take-out or delivery at restaurants in the town. Use the “Iemeshi Coupon” to support restaurants in the town.
In addition, the restaurants in the town that offer take-out/delivery services can register at any time as those that accept “Iemeshi Coupons,” so please register.

“Iemeshi Coupons”

Distribution Period

To be distributed in mid-May 2020

Eligible Persons

Households with children of primary and junior high school age

Households with children of primary and junior high school age

One set of six 500-yen coupons (3,000 yen worth)
1 set per household, regardless of the number of children in the household.

Conditions for Use

  • Only for take-out or delivery orders at available stores
  • For orders of 1,000 yen or more including tax, you can use 1 ticket (500 yen) at a time.
  • Be sure to fill in your name in the user name column when using the coupon.

Expiration Date

Monday, August 31, 2020

Please Register as Restaurants that can Accept “Iemeshi Coupons”

Eligible Restaurants

Restaurants in Oizumi Town offering take-out or delivery services
For corporations, the head office must be located in the town.

Registration Method

Please fill out the following application/pledge form and submit it to the Economic Promotion Division.
Once the registration is completed, a letter of approval will be issued, and campaign posters and flags will be distributed for displaying in the restaurant.

Contact Information

Economic Promotion Division, Resident & Economic Affaires Department
Phone number:0276-63-3111