Stores where “Tsukatte Oen” Shopping Voucher can be used

Oizumi Town distributes the “Tsukatte Oen” Shopping Voucher through various programs in the Oizumi Town life support package to address COVID-19.
The shopping vouchers with an “Tsukatte Oen” stamp on the upper left of the ordinary Oizumi Stamp Member’s Common Shopping Vouchers are valid in the wider range of stores than those that accept the ordinary shopping vouchers.


Sample of the “Tsukatte Oen” Shopping Voucher

“Tsukatte Oen” Shopping Voucher

Stores Accepting the Vouchers

  • Member restaurants of Oizumi Town Society of Commerce and Industry
  • Oizumi Town Inn Dish Restaurant Union members
  • Oizumi Stamp Member Stores
  • Barbers and hairdressers that approved the voucher use

Some member stores cannot accept the vouchers, so please contact each store for details.


  • The voucher has an expiration date.
  • The ordinary Oizumi Stamp Member’s Common Shopping Vouchers without a “Tsukatte Oen” stamp cannot be used in stores other than Oizumi Stamp members.

Contact Information

Oizumi Town Hall, Economic Promotion Division, Resident & Economic Affaires Department
Phone number:0276-63-3111