Notice of Abolishment of Individual Number Notification Card

On Monday, May 25, 2020, the Individual Number Notification Card (green paper card) will be abolished.
The following procedures using the Notification Card will no longer be available after it is abolished.

  • Procedures for changing information such as name and addresses
  • Issuance and reissuance procedures

Services will continue to be provided concerning lost Notification Cards and return of Notification Cards. When the My Number Card (individual number card) is issued, returning the Notification Card is required.
The Notification Card can be used as long as the information such as name and address matches that recorded on the certificate of residence.

Notification method of individual number after abolition of the Notification Card

A “Individual Number Notice,” in place of the Notification Card, will be sent to those who have been given a new individual number due to birth, etc.
This “Individual Number Notice” cannot be used as a document to certify individual number.

Documents certifying individual number

  • My Number Card (individual number card)
  • A copy of the certificate of residence containing individual number or the certificate of items stated in resident register.
  • The Notification Card with the same entries as those in the certificate of residence.

Contact Information

Resident Affairs Division, Resident & Economic Affaires Department
Phone number:0276-63-3111