A lump-sum payment will be provided to workers separated from employment

Oizumi Town provides a lump-sum payment to support those who had their dispatch work discontinued, had their jobs stopped, or had their job offers canceled under the influence of COVID-19.

Oizumi Town Lump-sum Payment for Workers Separated from Employment


Eligible persons should meet all of the following conditions.

  • Registered in the Residential Basic Book of Oizumi Town
  • Living in the Town
  • Under the influence of COVID-19, dispatch work was discontinued, employment was terminated (a fixed-term employment contract has been terminated without renewal), or an informal employment offer was canceled.

Grant amount

20,000 yen(Once per person)

Documents Required for Application

  • Application form for Oizumi Town Lump-sum Payment for Workers Separated from Employment
  • Confirmation and consent form concerning separation from employment
  • Direct deposit request form
  • Residence card
  • Certificate or other document that can prove your separation from employment, etc. (free form; issued by the company)
  • Bankbook

Application Procedure

Please submit the necessary application documents to the Welfare Division counter.

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Contact Information

Welfare Division, Health & Welfare Department
Phone number:0276-62-2121