National Health Insurance Injury and Sickness Allowance System

From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of COVID-19, an injury and sickness allowance will be provided to employees who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance (those who work for companies, etc.) and meet the following requirements. An application is required for the payment. If you wish to apply, please contact us by phone in advance.  

Injury and Sickness Allowance System on COVID-19 

Eligible Persons

Those who were infected with COVID-19 during the period of enrollment in the National Health Insurance and whose salary income decreased, or those who were absent from work due to symptoms such as fever and suspected infection and whose salary income decreased.

Number of days eligible for payment

The day on which you scheduled to work during the period from the day on which three days have passed since the day on which you became unable to work to the day on which you could not work.

Amount of Payment

Amount = (Total amount of salary income for the last three consecutive months/the number of working days) × 2/3 × (the number of eligible days) 

If you can receive all or part of your salary or other benefits, the payment amount may be adjusted or not paid.  

Eligible Period

The period that you could not work between January 1st, 2020 and September 30th, 2020 due to medical treatment. (If you are in the hospital continuously or etc., the longest period is 1 year and  6 months.)  

Contact Information

National Health Insurance Division
Phone: 0276-63-3111