COVID-19 Vaccination in areas other than the place of residence

As a general rule, COVID-19 vaccine is administered in the municipality where the resident is registered. So residents of Oizumi  Town will be vaccinated in Oizumi.
However, if the following “unavoidable circumstances” apply, it may be possible to apply for vaccination in another municipality (hereafter referred to as “vaccination outside the municipality of residence”).

Example of “Unavoidable Circumstances”

  1. Those who are in a hospital or a institution
  2. People with a underlying disease are vaccinated under the direction of their doctor. 
  3. Those who suffer a disaster. 
  4. Those who are in detention, in custody, or in a prison.  
  5. Pregnant women who are returning to their parents’ home for childbirth.
  6. Victims of DV, stalking, child abuse, and similar cases. 
  7. Tanshin-Funin-Sha (Persons who are living by themselves away from their family)
  8. Students who are living outside of their home address 

Those who fall under the case 1 ~ 4 can skip the application to the municipality. 

Application Method

Please apply by one of the following methods. 

  1. Postal Mail
    Please fill out the “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke (Out-of-Address Vaccination Form)” and send it to the following address along with a copy of your coupon tickets for vaccination.
    You will receive a “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke-Sumi-Sho (Certificate of Out-of-Address Vaccination)” by mail at a later date.
    Health Promotion Division (Kenko-Zukuri-ka), Health & Welfare General Center
    2465 Yoshida Oizumi-machi
  2. Application at the counter
    Please submit the “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke (Out-of-Address Vaccination Form)” and a copy of your coupon tickets for vaccination to the Health Promotion Division (Kenko-Zukuri-ka).chi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke (Out-of-Address Vaccination Form)

Process to Vaccination

  1.  Apply for 
  2. the “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke (Out-of-Address Vaccination Form)”
     Apply for the “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke (Out-of-Address Vaccination Form)” by mail or at an application counter.
  3. Receive a “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke-Sumi-Sho (Certificate of Out-of-Address Vaccination)”
        Receive a “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke-Sumi-Sho (Certificate of Out-of-Address Vaccination)” issued by the municipality in which the medical institution where the vaccination is to be performed is located.
  4. Make a reservation.
        Please consult with the Health Promotion Division. 
  5.  Receive vaccination. 
        Please bring the coupon tickets, the “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke-Sumi-Sho (Certificate of Out-of-Address Vaccination)”, the Preliminary Examination Form (Yoshin-Hyo), your identification documents, Medicine Notebook (Okusuri-Techo) to the vaccination venue, and receive vaccination. 


  • For Reservation
       Please note that people of “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu (Out-of-Address Vaccination) cannot make reservations through the official Gunma Prefecture LINE account.
    Please note that due to the limited number of appointments, we may not be able to meet your request depending on the situation.
  • For Vaccination
        Please bring your “Jyushochi-Gai-Sesshu-Todoke-Sumi-Sho (Certificate of Out-of-Address Vaccination)” to the venue on the day of vaccination. It will be returned to you after confirmation at the reception, but please keep it with you as it will be used for the second vaccination. 

Contact Information

Health Promotion Division
Phone: 0276-62-2121
Counter: The 1st counter in the Health & Welfare General Center