Request to restaurants in Gunma Prefecture for cooperation on taking infection prevention measures and shortening their business hours from May 8th to May 21st.

Gunma prefecture asks cooperation in shortening the business hours to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as follows. 

Request for cooperation in shortening business hours

Target Area

All areas in the prefecture (35 municipalities)

Target Business

Restaurants with entertainment services, Karaoke shops, and restaurants serving alcohol (Opening between 8PM and 5AM.)

  • Business operators of stores that have obtained a restaurant business license (Food Sanitation Law) are subject to request.
  • As for restaurants that have qualified as the “Stop Corona! Countermeasure Store” but except restaurants with entertainment services, although shortening of their business hours will be requested, they will be able to continue their business by taking appropriate infection prevention measures.  In this case, cooperation money will not be applicable. 


May 8th, 2021 (Sat.) – May 21st, 2021 (Fri.) for 14 days (0:00 Midnight on May 8th (Sat.)


from 8PM to 5AM (Serving alcohol until 7PM)

Cooperation Money

Eligible Persons

Business operators of restaurants in the target area (including the “Stop Corona! Countermeasure Store”) who meet all of following conditions.

  • To shorten their business hours in the entire target period by prefecture’s request.
  • To follow the guidelines of each industry, and taking thorough infection prevention measures.

Please check the flowchart attached below to confirm if your restaurant is eligible. 

Amount of Cooperation Money


May 8th, 2021 (Sat.) ~ May 21st, 2021 (Fri.)
※Note:  In case of unavoidable circumstances, if you start shortening  your business hours by May 11th (Tue.), we will pay you the cooperation money that the amount for the days up to the day before the start date is deducted.

Cooperation Money
Calculation Method Business Size Daily Sales Cooperation Money / day
Sales Amount Method Medium-Small Sized 83,333 yen or less 25,000 yen
Over 83,333 yen to 250,000 yen  Sales per day × 0.3
Over 250,000 yen 75,000 yen
Sales Decrease Method

Large Sized

(Medium-Small Sized is also possible to choose.)

  Equivalent to 40% of sales decrease
(Limit: 200,000 yen or sales per day × 0.3, whichever is lower 

(Sales per day = Sales in May of the previous year or two years ago ÷31)

Application Method

Apply by postal mail or on  a dedicated website. 

Application Start (Plan)

Application acceptance is scheduled to start in middle of June, 2021.

Application Documents (Plan)

  • Application Form, Written Oath
  • Copy of Bankbook for bank transfer
  • Copy of Applicant’s Identification Document (Zairyu Card, or etc.) 
  • Copy of “Eigyo Kyoka Sho (Operating license) for the restaurant based on Food Sanitation Act. (Valid for the period covered)
  • Evidence to show that your restaurant provides alcohol. (Photo of your restaurant’s menu, etc.) (Note: This is for only restaurants serving alcohol.)
  • Photos, etc. that show the exterior and interior of the store (*Note: For interior photos, compliance with industry-specific guidelines should be confirmed.
  • Evidence  to show that your restaurant shortened the business hours (or closed all day)  for whole requested period. (Photo of a poster, etc.)
  • Evidence of sales amount  (*Note: except in cases that the daily sales amount is 83, 333 yen or less using the sales amount method)

 A copy of Appendix 1 of the corporate tax return, a copy of the statement of corporate business conditions (monthly sales), etc.


  A copy of the first table of the income tax return, a copy of the blue return statement (monthly sales), etc.


 A copy of the sales ledger and other books for May of this year (Sales decrease method)
 A copy of the sales ledger or other ledger for May of the previous year or two years ago (Sales method, Sales decrease method)


One-Stop Center for In-Prefecture Companies (Ken-Nai Kigyo One-Stop Center)
Phone: 027-226-2731
FAX: 027-223-7875