Warning against COVID-19 was raised to level-4.

Thank you for your cooperation about prevention measures against COVID-19. In Gunma Prefecture, considering with several situations such as judgment criteria for shifting the alert level as specified in the “Guideline for Reopening the Social Economic Action”, the fact that infection situation in Tokyo has not improved, the fact that infection is also spreading in the North Kanto region including neighboring Saitama and Tochigi prefectures, and the fact that the replacement of the delta variant of COVID-19 which is highly infectious is underway, the request for alert level has been raised to level-4 and the following guidelines are being implemented from August 4th (Wed.) to August 20th (Fri.) for all municipalities in the prefecture.

Points of Request of the Guideline

Please continue to follow the infection prevention guidelines of each industry, and consider applying for the “Stop Corona! Countermeasure Store.”

Please keep in mind that even brief conversations without a face mask during lunch or short breaks can be contagious.

In addition, basic infection prevention measure (Wearing a face mask, washing your hands, ventilation, and etc.) is important against new COVID-19 variant, please be even more thorough.

For more details, please visit the web-site about the request based on “Guideline for Reopening the Social Economic Action”.