A state of emergency has been declared in Gunma Prefecture.

The emergency declaration issued on August 17th by the government to Gunma Prefecture under the Special Measures Law has been extended until September 30th. 

In Oizumi Town, the town has issued our own declaration of a state of emergency, and we have been asking all residents to take thorough measures to prevent infection and to refrain from eating in large groups and going out unnecessarily. However the weekly average number of new positive cases as of September 8th was  still “5.1 persons”, which is above the town’s standard.

In order to overcome this situation, we must control the flow of people and reduce the rapid increase in infection.
We would like to ask your understanding and cooperation continuously.  

Also, please consider getting your vaccinations proactively at the prefectural mass vaccination centers instead of waiting for the town’s vaccination.
If you wish to get vaccinated, but if you have not responded to the vaccination wish survey, or if you have forgotten to respond, please consult the Health Promotion Division of the Health & Welfare General Center.
For details about the town’s vaccination, please refer to the following information.

Requests based on the declaration of a state of emergency 


Updated: until September 30th (Thu.)
Before:     until September 12th (Sun.)

Requests based on the declaration of a state of emergency 

  • Refrain from going out unnecessarily and non-urgently thoroughly. 
    Visiting to medical facilities, shopping for food, medicines, and other daily necessities, going to work where necessary, exercising or walking outdoors, and other things necessary to maintain life and health are not included, but these and other opportunities to go out should be reduced to less than one-half of what they used to be.
  • Refrain from going out after 8PM.
  • Refrain from unnecessary and non-urgent travel outside of the prefecture, especially to and from the state of emergency areas.
  • Refrain from using restaurants and etc. that serve alcohol or karaoke.
  • Do not drink in groups on the street or in parks.
  • Parents are asked to take action to protect their children.
  • Please get vaccinated proactively. There are people who have been vaccinated but are still infected. Please be on your guard and take all possible measures to prevent infection.

For details on the declaration of a state of emergency, please visit the website of Gunma Prefecture or Facebook of One-Stop Consultation Center for Foreign Residents of Gunma.

To Business Owners

  • All businesses are requested to thoroughly implement appropriate infection prevention measures, taking into consideration the examples of infection prevention measures provided by Gunma Prefecture and the guidelines for preventing the spread of infection prepared by industry organizations. In addition, please clearly inform users of infection prevention measures through your website, social networking services, postings in stores, etc.
  • Industry organizations are requested to prepare guidelines for each type of industry and facility, and to encourage their members and related businesses to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures in accordance with the guidelines.

From August 20th (Fri.) to September 30th (Thu.), restaurants and other businesses that serve alcohol  are requested to close or shorten their business.  

Measures to be taken at Primary and Junior High Schools in the town based on the declaration of a state of emergency

We will start the second semester with dispersed school attendance on September 1st (Wed.). By taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 thoroughly, we will give classes. 

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