COVID-19 vaccination of persons aged 65 years and older who have not been vaccinated.

If you are 65years old or older and did not request the COVID-19 vaccine, but would like to be vaccinated in the future, please contact the Health Promotion Division (Kenko-Zukuri-ka). 

To make an appointment for vaccination, you will need your name, date of birth, and the vaccination number on your vaccination ticket.
If you have lost your vaccination ticket, please ask us to reissue it.

Note for Vaccination

Vaccination Fee

Free of charge

Vaccination Frequency and Interval

To get the effect of the vaccine sufficiently, two doses of the same vaccine should be given. In addition, the interval between the first and second vaccination should be 20 days. If you receive a different type of vaccination before or after the COVID-19 vaccine, please make an interval of at least 13 days. 

Contact Information

Health Promotion Division
Phone: 0276-62-2121
Counter The 1st counter in the Health & Welfare General Center