Collecting Donations for Heavy Rain Disaster of July 2021

In July this year, Izu-city and other areas in Shizuoka Prefecture suffered tremendous damage from heavy rains. 

For the purpose of supporting the people affected by this disaster, we are accepting donations and setting up donation boxes.
All donations received will be distributed to the victims through the Japanese Red Cross Society. If you need a receipt, please come to the counter of Oizumi Town Council of Social Welfare directly. 

Donation Box Locations

  • Oizumi Town Hall [ Address: 55-1 Hinode, Oizumi]
  • Oizumi Town Council of Social Welfare [ Address: 2465 Yoshida, Oizumi]

Donation Locations

Oizumi Town Council of Social Welfare (Oizumi-machi Section, Gunma Branch, of Japanese Red Cross Society)

Deadline for receipt of donations

October 29th, 2021 (Friday)

Contact Information

Welfare Division
Phone: 0276-62-2121
Counter: The 3rd counter in the Health & Welfare General Center