Message to Inhabitants from the Mayor of Oizumi Town

Dear all,

I am Murayama Toshiaki, the Mayor of Oizumi Town.
I lifted the Oizumi Town’s declaration of a state of  emergency on March 1st. I sincerely appreciate your cooperation. 
Although the number of patients with COVID-19 has decreased, I would like to ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the infection continuously such as avoiding the three C’s (Closed places, Crowded places, Close contact setting), and I also hope that you will continue to take care of yourselves and your health.
And now, public facilities that have been closed for a long time are reopened though there is a time restriction of until 8 PM. Particularly, Oizumi Town Gymnasium has been renewed by a big construction during COVID-19 crisis.  Since the arena has been all renewed and LED lights have been installed, you can enjoy sports in bright conditions than before. I would like to thank all of your cooperation and to close my message.

Murayama Toshiaki, the Mayor of Oizumi Town

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