Request to restaurants in Gunma Prefecture for cooperation on taking infection prevention measures and reducing their business hours from Feb. 23rd to Mar. 1st.

Gunma Prefecture asks cooperation on business hours reduction to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as follows. 

Request for cooperation in reducing business hours

Target Area

Isesaki and Oizumi

Target Business

Restaurants with entertainment services, Karaoke shops, and restaurants serving alcohol (Opening between 8PM and 5AM.)

Target Period

Feb. 23rd, 2021 (Tue.) – Mar. 1st, 2021 (Mon.) for 7 days

Target Time

Request to close from 8PM to 5AM (Serving alcohol until 7PM)

Cooperation Money


Business persons who meet all of following conditions.

  • who run a restaurant in the target area mentioned above
  • who observe guideline of the restaurant against COVID-19
  • who reduced their business hours for whole period mentioned above.

Please check the flowchart attached below to confirm if your restaurant is eligible. 

Amount of Cooperation Money

140,000 yen per restaurant

Application Method

Apply by postal mail or on  a dedicated website. 

Application Start (Plan)

Application acceptance is scheduled to start in middle of March, 2021.

Distribution Place of Application Form (Plan)

Distribution is scheduled in middle of March.
Distribution Place: Prefectural Tax Offices, the town offices, Society of Commerce and Industry (Shoukou-kai), and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Shoukoukaigisho) in the target area.

Application Documents (Plan)

  • Application Form, Written Oath
  • Copy of Bankbook for bank transfer
  • Copy of Applicant’s Identification Document (Zairyu Card, or etc.) 
  • Copy of “Eigyo Kyoka Sho (Operating license) for the restaurant based on Food Sanitation Act.
  • Evidence  to show that your restaurant provides alcohol. (Photo of your restaurant’s menu, etc.)
  • Data to show appearance of your restaurant 
  • Evidence  to show that your restaurant shortened the business hours (or closed all day)  for whole requested period. (Photo of a poster, etc.)

Contact Information

Consultation Counter (Call Center) 
Phone: 050-5491-7661
Operation Hours: Every day from 9AM to 5PM  except national holiday