Don’t forget to take procedures for registration change.

The light vehicle tax is levied on those who own motorcycles, light motor vehicles, or etc. as of April 1st every year.  There is no monthly taxation for the light vehicle tax, so if you have not completed the procedures for changing or scrapping your vehicle, you will be taxed for the entire year.
When the owner moves out of the town, trades in, transfers, or dismantles the vehicle, please take procedures for the registration, change, and scrapping.

Place for taking procedures

  • For Motorized Bicycles (125cc or less), Small-Sized Special Motor Vehicles:
    the Taxation Division in the town office (the 8th counter on the 1st floor)
  • For Motorcycles (over 125cc)
    Gunma Transport Bureau (Gunma Unyu Shikyoku)
    Phone: 050-5540-2021
  • For Light Motor Vehicles (660cc or less)
    Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization Gunma Office (Kei-Jidosha Kensa Kyokai Gunma Jimusho)
    Phone: 050-3816-3109


Taxation Division
Phone: 0276-63-3111
Counter: the 8th & 9th counter on the 1st floor in the town office