Caution points for not being infected with COVID-19

COVID-19 is spreading again. 

Please confirm and keep the following measures to avoid infection. 

Five Situations of High Risk to Catch the Infection 

There are 5 situations that people to catch the infection increase. 

Please be careful particularly about the following 5 situations in your living. 

  • Social events and parties with Alcohol 
  •  Eating and drinking with many people or for long hours
  • Talking without a face mask
  • Living together in small spaces 
  • Change in location

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For NOT Catching the Infection at Events or Parties

There are various festivals or events during the year-end and new year holidays. Please be careful not to spread the infection.  

  • Please refrain from participating in events and dinner parties which fail to be thorough in setting up basic preventive measures or from going to high risk places of the infection.
  • Please refrain from participating in events and parties that gather many people and shout loudly.
  • If you participate in such events or parties, please take
    appropriate measures to prevent the infection by securing a safe distance from other people, washing your hands, wearing a face mask and refraining from speaking in a loud voice. 

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