Town Policy Report by Online Distribution

Although the town policy report was originally planned to meet inhabitants and explain directly, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, explanations of current conditions, projects, and future image of  Oizumi Town is distributed via on-line.

Video in Japanese is also available on the web-site of the town.

Web-site of the town(external link)


Measures against COVID-19

Actions by the town

Life support package or other measures have been established to support those who have anxieties of living or who are affected due to health damage and/or business suspension requests. 

COVID-19 related Projects
  • 1st Action: (April/2020)  34 Projects
  • 2nd Action: (September/2020)  27 Projects

Total expense: Six hundred million yen for 61 Projects

Actions for inhabitants of foreign nationality

Handbills in multi languages were distributed and cautions were called at supermarkets, churches, and temp agencies. In addition, exchanges of opinions were conducted with an ambassador and a consul general of Brazil, and cooperation of sending information by using SNS or etc. was requested to students of municipal junior high schools and high schools.

Measures against disaster ( Typhoon Hagibis  (typhoon 19) in 2020)

Damage situation
  • Occurrence: October 12th, 2020
  • Damage situation: Approx. 200 households were damaged                                             by inundation above and below floor.
  • Shelters: 14 places as maximum
  • Evacuee: Approx. 2,600 persons

The mayor of the town in person called for evacuation with the disaster prevention administrative radio.

Actions by the town

Measures for support were established the quickest in the prefecture, explanatory meeting was also carried out so that all of those who suffered could receive the support. 

Measures for future 

For making the most of the experiences to future disaster prevention measures, investigation reports were provided. In addition, following  measures were implemented. We will work continuously with a sense of tension always to make all of you think that the town prioritizes life and health of inhabitants in the event of a disaster.  

  • Implementation of measures against flooding of rivers
  • Installation of observation systems for rivers and etc. 
  • Implementation of measures at shelters against COVID-19
  • Discussion about how to handle pets at shelters

New projects in the past 4 years

We will continue to make efforts for operating of administrations with looking to the future so that we can respond to needs of inhabitants and can make inhabitants feel good actually living in this town. 

in 2017
  • Oizumi Town Fireworks
in FY2018
  • Partnership System
  • Subsidy for a home security camera
in FY2019
  • Subsidy for an erroneous start prevention system
  • Subsidy for a dashboard camera (driving recorder)
in 2020
  • Victim support project against SNS trouble or etc.
  • Regulations to support victims of crime or etc.

About financial situation of the town 

Fiscal adjustment fund

Fiscal adjustment fund which is like the town deposit was decreasing until 2012,  and  it became 1.5 billion yen when the mayor of the town took up his position in May, 2013 and financial situation of the town was severe. (it became 1.7 billion yen in the end of the fiscal year.)  Even though such condition, the town invested actively for necessary things in the future by using national subsidy or etc. On the other hand, the reduction of annual expenditure was also carried out thoroughly by abolitions of what a role had been achieved or etc.

Corporate inhabitant tax

Corporate inhabitant tax in 2013 was less than 500 million yen, but the revenue of the town was increased drastically because sales result of key industries recovered and also the town invited companies aggressively. 

However, financial situation in this fiscal year is estimated to be severe due to COVID-19.

We keep making efforts not to drop services for inhabitants by creating more original ideas and distributing revenue effectively. 

About Oizumi Town in the future

Oizumi Town has been widely known as financially rich and lively town. We will continue to work so that financial situation of the town and mind of inhabitants are said to be rich. We hope you live with affection for the town.