Subsidy for disinfection costs of business premises

In order to prevent the spread of mass infections caused by infected with COVID-19, the town subsidizes part of the cost of disinfecting business premises.

Project to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection 


Individuals or corporations that contracted a contractor to disinfect their business premises in the town because an employee of the business premises was infected with COVID-19 are eligible.

Contents of Subsidy

A half of the cost of disinfecting the business premises (excluding residence area if there is) will be subsidized.  (Up to 50,000 yen)
If you have received other public subsidies, the amount will also be deducted.

Required Documents

  1. Application Form (Shodokuhi Hoten Shinseisho)
  2. A copy of the receipt on disinfection cost  
  3. Seal (Inkan)
  4. Documents showing the amount of the subsidy received from other public organizations if any.

How to Apply

Please apply directly to the Health Promotion Division with required documents.

Deadline of Application

March 31st, 2022 (Thu.)

Application Form

Contact Information

Health Promotion Division
Phone: 0276-62-2121