Request to restaurants in Gunma prefecture for cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and shortening their business hours. (Oct./1 ~ Oct./7)

Gunma prefecture asks cooperation in shortening the business hours to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as follows. 

Request for cooperation in shortening business hours

October 1st (Fri.) ~ October 7th (Thu.), 2021 for 7 days

Target Area

All municipality in the prefecture (35 municipalities)

Target Business

The following stores that have a restaurant business license and are open between 8 PM and 5 AM.

  • Restaurants providing entertainment
  • Karaoke shops
  • Restaurants serving alcoholic beverages
  • Wedding halls
  • Excluding delivery services and take-out services
  • Stores that have the “Stop COVID-19! Safe Business Certificate” can open as usual with taking appropriate infection prevention measures. In this case, they are not eligible to receive the cooperation money. 

Details of the request

  • Refrain from operating between 8 PM and 5 AM.
  • Serving alcoholic beverages should be between 11 AM and 7 PM.
  • Refrain from providing karaoke machines. (Stores whose main business is eating and drinking and wedding halls) 
  • Taking infection prevention measures.

Cooperation Money

Eligible Persons

Business operators of restaurants, stores, etc. in the target area who are cooperating in the requests from the prefecture during the entire request period.

Calculation Method Business Size

Net Sales a day

Cooperation Money / day
Sales Amount Method Medium-Small Sized 83,333 yen or less 25,000 yen
Over 83,333 yen to 250,000 yen  Sales per day × 0.3
Over 250,000 yen 75,000 yen
Sales Decrease Method

Large Sized

(Medium-Small Sized is also possible to choose.)

500,000 yen or less
(Amount of sales decrease)
40% of sales decrease amount or Sales per day × 0.3, whichever is lower.

Over 500,000 yen (Amount of sales decrease)

200,000 yen or Sales per day × 0.3, whichever is lower.

Definition of “Net sales a day”

Sales in October of the previous year or two years ago ÷31 (Rounded up to the nearest one yen)

Net sales shall be defined as sales of restaurant business, excluding consumption tax and local consumption tax.

Application Procedures

Application Method

Apply by postal mail or on  a dedicated website. 

Application Period

We plan to accept applications for extension of emergency measures (September 13th ~ 30th) and this prefecture’s own application for shortening business hours (October 1st ~ 7th) all at once. (Scheduled for middle of October)

Required Documents

  • Application Form, Written Oath
  • Statement of cooperation money for each restaurant
  • Copy of Bankbook for bank transfer
  • Copy of Applicant’s Identification Document (Zairyu Card, or etc.) 
  • Copy of “Eigyo Kyoka Sho (Operating license) for the restaurant based on Food Sanitation Act. (Valid for the period covered)
  • Photos, etc. that show the exterior of the store including the store name
  • Photos, etc. that are showing the interior of the store and the infection prevention measures being taken
  • Evidence  to show that your restaurant shortened the business hours (or closed all day)  for the entire requested period. (Photo of a poster, etc.)
  • A copy of the income tax return for business year 2020 or 2019
  • A copy of the sales ledger, etc., in which sales in the restaurant business are recorded
  • Documents indicating that your restaurant serves alcoholic beverages and karaoke. (Copy of Menu, etc.)

【Supplementation】 Copy of the Income tax return, etc.

Of the above application documents, please submit a copy of your income tax return and a copy of your sales ledger if you are applying for an amount other than the lower limit of the sales amount method.
Details are as follows. 

(1)Copy of Income Tax Return
Corporation (Mandatory)
  • A copy of Appendix 1 of the corporate tax return,
  • The statement of corporate business summary (both side)
Individual (Mandatory)
  • A copy of the first table of the income tax return (Blue return, White return)
  • A copy of the blue return statement (1st page and 2nd page) (if it is the blue return.)
(2)A copy of the sales ledger, etc., in which sales in the restaurant business are recorded (of which the year and month used to calculate the cooperation money)

Sales ledger in October 2020 or 2019 
※Sales ledger in 2021 is also required if you take the sales decrease method. 


Kennai Kigyo One-Stop Center (A dedicated call center will open later.) 
Phone: 027-226-2731
Operation hours: 8:30 ~ 17:15