Rabies Vaccination in Autumn

Rabies Vaccinations in Autumn will be administered by the town. According to the Rabies Prevention Law, those who own a dog that is 91 days old and older are required to register the dog once in its lifetime and have it vaccinated against rabies once a year.

Rabies Vaccinations in Autumn

Date and Time

9:30AM ~ 11:00AM on October 9th, 2021 (Sat.)


North Parking Lot of the Town Hall Building (Near Bicycle parking Lot)


For Rabies Vaccination only

3,500 yen

For New Registration and Vaccination

6,500 yen

Things to bring

For Rabies Vaccination only
  • Notice Postcard
  • Fee

Even if you have lost the notice postcard, if we can confirm the dog’s registration by the dog license, you can still get your dog vaccinated. 

For New Registration and Vaccination
  • Your identification documents such as your driver’s license card, your residence card (Zairyu Card), or etc.   
  • Documents that can confirm the dog’s date of birth, such as a pedigree certificate or vaccination certificate
  • Fee


  • If your dog bites another person or other animal, the town cannot be held responsible.
  • Dogs which are sick, are in pregnancy, or are within 2 weeks after childbirth may not be eligible to receive the rabies vaccination.
  • As owner’s responsibility, bring your dog’s droppings back to your home without fail.
  • This event is subject to change due to situation of COVID-19.

Contact Information

Environmental Development Division
Phone: 0276-63-3111