Delivery of 3rd COVID-19 Vaccination Coupon

The additional booster vaccine (3rd dose) against COVID-19 is scheduled to be administered approximately 8 months or more after the completion of the 2nd dose, according to the guidance of the government.  Therefore, the “Sesshu-ken tsuki Yoshin-hyo (Vaccination Coupons)” for the additional vaccinations, which consists of a printed coupon and preliminary examination form (Yoshin-Hyo), are scheduled to be sent out approximately 7 months after the month in which the 2nd vaccination was completed. For details, please check the notice enclosed with the coupon. 

If you have moved into the town after the 2nd vaccination, you need to apply for a “Sesshu-ken tsuki Yoshin-hyo (Vaccination Coupon)” to be issued.  Please come to the Health Promotion Division counter with documents that can verify your individual number (such as your My Number Card or certificate of residence containing your individual  number), something that shows your vaccination record (such as your vaccination certificate), and something that can verify your identity.

The “Sesshu-ken tsuki Yoshin-hyo (Vaccination Coupon)” has the records of the first and second vaccinations printed on it. If the printed records differ from your vaccination record, the “Sesshu-ken tsuki Yoshin-hyo (Vaccination Coupon)” needs to be reissued.  If so, please come to the Health Promotion Division counter with documents that shows your vaccination record (such as your vaccination certificate) and something that can verify your identity.

Additional COVID-19 Vaccination

Inoculation Target

One dose will be given to residents who are approximately 8 months or more from the completion of the 2nd dose. 

Please note that the vaccination intervals and other details are subject to change.

Inoculation Start

End of January

 Inoculation Method

Those who are 65 years old or older and have received their 2nd dose of group vaccination at Bunka-Mura, Hachiya Hospital,
or Tomo Vaccination Center

You will be notified of the date, time, and location (Bunka-Mura) of your 3rd dose of group vaccination. (You do not need to make an appointment by yourself.)

Those who received the 2nd dose at their place of work, their family doctor’s medical institution, an facility, or etc.

You need to make an appointment at the same place as the 2nd dose. 

Vaccine to be inoculated

The vaccine to be inoculated will be determined by the town based on the vaccine distribution status from the national government. For the 3rd vaccination, it is possible to use a different vaccine from the 2nd one, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation. 

Delivery of Vaccination Coupon

As for the vaccination coupons, the documents shown in the following picture will be sent to residents in order.


The envelope is green.


The vaccination Coupon and the Preliminary Examination
Form (Yoshin-Hyo) are one and the same sheet.

Notes for Vaccination

  • Please wear clothes that allow you to show your shoulders.
  • Please fill out the “Preliminary Examination Form (Yoshin-Hyo)” at home in advance.
  •  Please be sure to come to the designated vaccination venue at the designated reception time.
    (The waiting area is limited. So even if you arrive earlier, you may not be able to wait inside.)
  •  If you need a wheelchair at the vaccination site, please contact the call center at 0276-55-4661 at least one day before the
    vaccination date.

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Contact Information

Health Promotion Division
Phone: 0276-62-2121
Counter: The 1st counter in the Health & Welfare General Center