Oizumi Town’s Warning Level has been raised to “4 (Highest)”. (Oizumi Town’s State of Emergency)

Thank you for your cooperation about prevention measures against COVID-19.

Oizumi Town’s Warning Level

Oizumi Town has established the new warning level in order to clarify the criteria for making decisions such as restricting the use of public facilities and holding events. From January 13th (Thu.) to 19th (Wed.) the number of people who were tested positive newly was 112 people (As of January 19th, “Average number of people who were tested positive newly per week” was “16.0” and “Percentage of people with an unknown route of infection per week” was “40.2%”). As “Percentage of people with an unknown route of infection per week” is expected to exceed 50%, which is the criterion for Warning Level 4, and Priority Preventive Measures (Stricter COVID-19 Measures) has been applied to Gunma Prefecture, the Warning Level has been set at “4” (State of Emergency) from January 21st (Fri.) to February 13th (Sun.).
As the result, public facilities are closed until February 13th (Sun.).

Points of Request of the Guideline

  • Please be careful about going to places where there is a high risk of infection.
  • If you wish to eat or drink, please limit the number of people to four.
  • If you are going to use a restaurant for a dinner party, please use a restaurant that has taken proactive measures to prevent infection, such as ensuring adequate seating space and ventilation for avoiding three Cs, and hand disinfection of employees and users.
  • We would like to ask all businesses to thoroughly implement appropriate infection prevention measures based on the guidelines set by the industry.
  • We would like to ask all residents to be very careful for having home parties with friends and acquaintances, large dinner parties, or drinking parties, because they increase the risk of infection.
  • There are people who are infected even though they have been vaccinated. Please be on your guard and take all possible measures to prevent infection.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your continued cooperation in preventing infection.

For details about prevention of COVID-19 infection, please check the following link. 

About Warning Level