Gunma Prefecture’s Warning Level against COVID-19 “2” (Continuation)

Thank you for your cooperation about prevention measures against COVID-19.

Gunma Prefecture’s Warning Level

In accordance with the “Guideline for Reopening the Social Economic Action”, Gunma Prefecture evaluated objective numerical values of the number of new patients and others which are criterion for shifting the warning level,  Gunma Prefecture will be continuing at the alert level “2” and implement the following guidelines from January 28th (Sat.)  to February 10th (Fri.) for all municipalities in the prefecture. 

Requests based on the Guideline

When going out, please practice “new normal”, (thorough implementation of basic infection control measures, avoidance of the “three C’s” (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings), and implementation of ventilation and appropriate moisture retention).

Please refrain from shouting in restaurants, karaoke, events, and sports games. 

Please take infection prevention measures thoroughly during club activities. 

If you are going to use a restaurant for a dinner party, please use a restaurant that has taken proactive measures to prevent infection, such as ensuring adequate seating space and ventilation for avoiding three Cs, and hand disinfection of employees and users.

We would like to ask all businesses to thoroughly implement appropriate infection prevention measures based on the guidelines set by the industry.

We would like to ask all residents to be very careful for having home parties with friends and acquaintances, large dinner parties, or drinking parties, because they increase the risk of infection. When holding the event, please limit the number of participants to 4 or less per table.

In addition, basic infection prevention measure (Wearing a face mask, washing your hands, ventilation, and etc.) is important against new COVID-19 variant, please be even more thorough.

For details about prevention of COVID-19 infection, please check the following link.