Abolition of the town’s own alert levels, etc.

We appreciate your cooperation in taking precautionary measures against COVID-19 infection in the town.

Until now, the town has issued its own alert level based on the number of positive cases by municipality, etc., according to “Confirmed cases of COVID-19” published by Gunma Prefecture on the prefectural website, and made decisions to call attention to all residents, the use of public facilities and the condition of event implementations. However, in accordance with the nationwide review of the total number of confirmed cases, Gunma Prefecture has stopped announcing the number of infected persons by municipality on its website.  As a result, we are no longer able to ascertain the number of infected persons in Oizumi Town. Therefore, we will no longer publish information on COVID-19 infected patients in the town, in the Tatebayashi Public Health Center jurisdiction, and employees of Oizumi Town nor distribute information by Safe & Security email, Cultural Interpreter’s email and SNS. 
In addition, the town’s own alert level will no longer be issued after October 1st, 2022.

Although the town’s own alert level will not be issued, the moving average as of September 26th was 19.0, and there are still many infected people, so we ask everyone to continue to take basic infection control measures such as “keeping distance between people,” “wearing masks,” and “hand hygiene by washing hands. In particular, we ask your careful consideration when “dining or drinking with a large number of people or for long periods of time,” as this increases the risk of infection. 
Restrictions on the use of public facilities will be set in accordance with the alert level of Gunma Prefecture, etc.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.