Request for prevention of COVID-19 infection (The Year-End and New Year days)

We would like to thank all the town residents for their cooperation in taking preventive measures against COVID-19 infection to date.  

Numbers of new cases of infection in the prefecture have remained high, including a recent record high, and the possibility of further spread of the disease is increasing.

Under these circumstances, as we approach the year-end and New Year’s holidays, we can expect an increase in socioeconomic activity due to events such as year-end parties, New Year’s parties, and New Year’s visits to shrines and temples.  Therefore, we ask that everyone continue to take basic infection control measures such as “keeping distance between people,” “wearing masks,” and “hand hygiene by washing hands. In particular, please wear/remove a face mask and implement ventilation according to the situation.

In addition, please purchase antigen test kits and fever reducers in advance to prepare for self-testing and self-care.  People at low risk of severe disease, other than those at high risk of severe disease (e.g., the elderly, people with underlying medical conditions, pregnant women, and children under elementary school age), should utilize the antigen qualitative test kit on their own instead of going to see a doctor when they have a fever.  If you are positive and have a mild illness, please register with the Gunma Prefecture Health Follow-up Center and recuperate at home.  During the year-end and New Year’s holidays, medical institutions have irregular treatment schedules, so please check with your local medical institution in advance.  

In addition, we would like to ask you to be very careful for “dining or drinking with large groups of people or for long periods of time,” as it increases the risk of infection. We also ask that you take sufficient precautions to avoid activities with a high risk of infection, such as avoiding crowded places.