COVID-19 Omicron-Targeting Vaccination available scale to be reduced.

From March 2023, the scale of the Omicron-Targeting bivalent vaccination is scheduled to be drastically reduced. Period of availability at public expense (free of charge) is until March 31, 2023, and the schedule after April is under discussion by the government. 
Those who wish to be vaccinated are requested to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Reservations for Omicron-targeting bivalent vaccination

How to make a reservation (Venue in Oizumi Town)

A ticket number (10 digits) is required to make an appointment. Please have your “Pre-Vaccination Screening Questionnaire with Vaccination Voucher ” or “Vaccination Certificate” ready at hand.

  • LINE  (“Gunma Prefecture Digital Window”)
  • Call the Oizumi Town COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center (0276-55-4661)

Gunma Vaccination Acceleration Center

Those who are registered residents of Oizumi-machi can also receive vaccinations at the Gunma Vaccination Acceleration Center. If there are slots available, vaccinations can be given by making an appointment. 
The reservations can be made by using LINE  (Gunma Digital Window). Please note that reservations cannot be made at the town’s call center.

Omicron -targeting bivalent vaccine

Eligibility for vaccination

Persons who meet all of the following requirements

  • Persons have completed the initial vaccination (first and second shots)
  • 12 years of age or older as of the date of vaccination
  • At least 3 months have passed since the last vaccination as of the vaccination date

Number of vaccinations

1 time

The number of doses (3rd to 5th) of Omicron-targeting bivalent vaccine depends on the past vaccination history. Regardless of past vaccination history, one dose of Omicron-targeting bivalent vaccine is completed.

Vaccination intervals with other vaccines

  • Influenza vaccine: Simultaneous vaccination (different types of vaccinations on the same day) is allowed
  • Other vaccines: As a rule, 13 days or more

“Pre-Vaccination Screening Questionnaire”

“Pre Vaccination Screening Questionnaire with Vaccination Voucher ” is sent to those who are eligible for the Omicron-targeting bivalent vaccine from time to time (about once a month). If you do not have it (did not receive it, lost it, etc.), please contact the Health Promotion Division.

People who moved to Oizumi Town from other municipality

Vaccination Vouchers from other municipalities cannot be used by residents of Oizumi Town, even if they have not been used. In addition, a preliminary checkup sheet with an inoculation ticket for Oizumi Town cannot be issued unless the most recent inoculation record is registered with Oizumi Town.  Please come to the Health Promotion Division with your vaccination record (vaccination certificate, etc.) or your identification (My Number Card, Resident Card with your individual number, etc.) and personal identification documents. A “Pre-Vaccination Screening Questionnaire with Vaccination Voucher will be issued on the spot.