Oizumi-machi Sport Festival will be held

The town will hold Oizumi-machi Sport Festival for the first time in five years.

The 67th Oizumi-machi Sport Festival 

Date and Time

October 8 (Sunday), 2023,  Opening Ceremony starts at 8:00 
Cancelled in case of rain


 Oizumi-machi Minami Junior High School School Yard (2465, Yoshida)

Parking lot

Parking is available in the Town Hall general parking lot and the town-owned lot on the north side of the Town Hall (former Panasonic Corporation Number 8 parking lot).


Sports & Culture Promotion Section, Lifelong Learning Division, Oizumi-machi Board of Education (0276-63-3111 ext. 631)
For inquiries on the day of the Sports Festival, please contact the town community center (0276-62-2330).
Oizumi-machi Minami Junior High School (2465 Yoshida, Oizumi Town)