Rabies Vaccination in Fall

Oizumi town will hold a “Rabies vaccination (group injection) in Fall” as follows.
It is required by the Rabies Prevention Law that every animal over 91 days of age must be registered once in its lifetime and given a rabies shot once a year.
Rabies is a terrible disease that can be transmitted to humans, and almost 100% of those who contract the disease die from it. Please be sure to have your pet receive a rabies shot at a group shot administered by the town or an individual shot at a veterinary clinic.

Date and Venue                                       

October 14 (Saturday), 2023

  • Oizumi-machi Town Hall: 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.      


Rabies vaccination only (already registered)

3,500 yen (2,950 yen for rabies prevention shot fee, 550 yen for rabies prevention shot certificate issuance fee)

Registrations and Rabies vaccination

6,500 yen (registration fee: 3,000 yen, rabies shot fee: 2,950 yen, rabies shot certificate issuance fee: 550 yen)

What to bring

Rabies shot only (already registered)

  • Information postcard
  • Fees
If you have lost the information postcard

Even if you have lost the information postcard, you can still have your pet receive a rabies shot if the registration is verified by a dog tag or other means.

For new registration and rabies vaccination shots

  • Identification documents such as driver’s license, driving history certificate, residence card, etc.
  • Documents that can verify the dog’s date of birth, such as a pedigree certificate or vaccination certificate (only if a pedigree certificate, etc. has been issued)
  • Fees
If you are moving in from outside Oizumi town (if you have been issued a license tag from outside Oizumi town)

You will need to go to the Environmental Development Division counter.
For the details of  “Change of Dog Registration”, please contact the following Environmental Development Division.


  • The town cannot be held responsible for accidents such as bites that may occur, so please take precautions to prevent accidents.
  • Please consult the veterinarian at the venue if you are ill, pregnant, or within 2 weeks after giving birth.
  • There are many bags of pig feces left around the rabies shot area. It is the responsibility of the owner to take the feces back home.
  • The event may be postponed depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection.


Environmental Development Division, Urban Construction Department
Telephone number: 0276-63-3111
Counter location: Counter No. 5 on the 1st floor of the Town hall