Election for Mascot Character of Oizumi-machi

In order to select a draft of the official mascot character, the town will hold a public vote titled “Oizumi-machi Mascot Character Election !!” and will hold a town-wide vote for the mascot character.

Oizumi-machi Mascot Character Election !!

During May and June, we solicited character ideas nationwide and received a total of 318 entries.   Thank you very much for all the applications.
Out of 318 entries, five characters were selected by the Oizumi Town Mascot Character Selection Committee based on a document review process.
The election is to choose “important friends” who will lead the town into the future together with the residents of the town.
We sincerely look forward to your vote.

Voting Period

September 11th (Monday), 2023 through October 10 (Tuesday), 2023

Eligible Voters

Anyone with an address in the town can vote.  However, each person may only vote once.

Voting Method

You can vote by either “voting through the dedicated voting form,” “voting through the town’s official LINE,” or “voting by filling out a voting form at a public facility in town.

Vote by using the dedicated voting form

You can vote through the dedicated form by clicking on the character you wish to vote for from the following table.

Name Design Description by the design creator
イズミオ〜(Izumio) イズミオ〜 Supported by “horns (tsuno)” and “ring (wakka)” which are inspired by the crest of Oizumi-machi, the fairy gently watches over the town with a generous expression. He has a caring and warm personality that brings healing to others.  To represent the refreshing scenery of the Izumi Ryokudo in the morning, the body is a gradation of light blue of the sky, green of the Ryokudo, and yellow of the sun.

Oすけ(Osuke)/ left, Izuみん(Izumin) /right

Oすけ・Izuみん They are twin siblings who are good buddies.
The older brother, “Oすけ”(Osuke), is a kind and energetic boy who loves his sister and friends! The motifs are the “zelkova” tree, the symbol of the town, and the “O” of Oizumi-machi and Okawa-mura.
“Izuみん”(Izumin), the younger sister, is a bright and strong girl who loves her brother and friends. The motifs of their names are “tulips,” the flower of Oizumi Town, cherry blossoms in full bloom, and the “springs” of Oizumi Town and Koizumi Town.
The two girls, who can get along with anyone easily, have many friends.♪
If you look closely, you will see that there are 10 “大” hidden on their bodies. How many can you find? Let’s look for them!
ちゃん (Izumiru-chan)
ズミルちゃん A cute character design of a tulip spirit dancing the samba.
ずみっちょ  ずみっちょ
Nice to meet you all! I’m “ずみっちょ” (Zumiccho)! Hey, we all love to play with friends, don’t we? It’s the same for me! I’m excited every day to play with friends from different countries. I am good at soccer! Oops, should I show you my shooting pose?(Pose)The design is very special. The head is the triangular roof of Bunka-mura with the Izumi-no-Mori observatory, and the mouth is the town emblem. Look, look! The ears, body, and tail are colorful. These represent a global town with a multinational population. I would be happy to make friends with everyone!
“サンバにゃん” (Samba-nyan) is a cat born in Oizumi-machi. Since her birth, she has a birthmark on her belly in the shape of Oizumi Town, and her ear holes are in the shape of tulips, the town flower.
One day, “サンバにゃん”(Samba-nyan)  came across a wonderful dance performance by Oizumi-machi samba team while wandering around town, and completely hooked on samba!?
Since that day, “サンバにゃん”began practicing hard.
The colorful samba costume symbolizing Oizumi-machi’s multicultural coexistence was handmade by “サンバにゃん” (Samba-nyan), and the town emblem and the town flower, Salvia, shine on the forehead!
Voting through the town’s official LINE account

To vote from LINE, you need to “add friends” with the town’s official LINE account. The instructions for adding friends and voting are as follows.

  • How to “Add Friends”
    You can “Add Friends” in one of the following ways

    1. Register via the “Friend” button
      Tap the following “Add Friend” button from your smart phone or other device.
    2. Select “QR Code” from the “Add Friends” screen in the LINE app, scan the following QR code and “Add” bo I’d be happy to be friends with you guys too! Press the “Add” button.
      町公式LINE QRコード
  • How to vote
    You can start voting by selecting “Vote” from the menu on the LINE Talk screen.

Voting by filling out a voting form at a public facility in the town

Please fill out the voting form provided in the following facilities and submit it to the counter.

  • Town hall (Strategic Planning Division, Counter No.17)
  • Health & Welfare General Center (Health Promotion Division Counter No.1),
  • Public Hall  
  • Public Hall South Annex (Multicultural Cooperation Community Center) 
  • Library 
  • Senior Welfare Center
  • Children’s House (4 places)
  • Children’s House  
  •  Yosen Kogyo Oizumi-machi Bunka-Mura  
  • Toho Sangyo Izumi-no-Mori
  • Elderly Community Center (Yoshida, Yorikido, Kitakoizumi)

Estimated time of voting results announcement 

Around December,  2023


Prizes will be awarded in a drawing among those who vote for the winning character.
Winners will be notified by delivery of the prize in the mail.