Training Course for Bunka no Tsuyaku “Otsukimi (moon viewing) work shop & Japanese Culture/Manners”

In Japan, there is an event called “Otsukimi or Tsukimi (Moon viewing)” to enjoy the bright and beautiful moon in autumn. Why don’t you enjoy Tsukimi by making Tsukimi dango (dumplings for moon viewing) together?

Date & Time

September 29th (Friday), 2023 at 18:50 


Oizumi-machi Public Hall,  Cooking training room (addr. : 2465 Yoshida )


Anyone is welcome to attend (upon completion of the course, registration as a cultural interpreter will be required).


18 people (but the course will close as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit)

Participation Fee

Free of charge  (However, 300 yen per person will be charged for the materials. It would be preferable if you could have the exact amount ready)

Things to bring

Slippers, Apron and Kerchief or Bandanna to cover your hair

Inquiry and application 

Please apply directly to the Multicultural Community Center with the participation fee.