Training Course for Bunka no Tsuyaku “TENUGUI and Japanese Culture/Manners”

In this course, you can make an original stamp using an eraser and a TENUGUI  (hand towel) stamped with the stamp.

Let’s learn about the culture related to hanko/seals and the culture of tenugui, which is useful during hot weather and in times of disaster, while having fun making them.

Date & Time

May 31st (Friday), 2024 at 18:50 


Oizumi-machi Public Hall South Annex, Training Room  (2011-1, Yoshida)


Anyone is welcome to attend. (upon completion of the course, registration as a cultural interpreter will be required.)


20 people (but the course will close as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.)

Participation Fee

​Free of charge (500 yen per person will be charged for teaching materials. Please pay with as little change as possible.)

Inquiry and application 

Please apply directly to the Multicultural Community Center
(TEL: 0276-62-6066)