Acceptance of School Enrollment Requests for Foreign Children

The Town Board of Education will accept school enrollment requests for foreign children who wish to enroll in the town’s primary schools next April.  

As notices will be sent to eligible guardians, please be sure to come to the Educational Administration Division (Kyoiku-Kanri-ka) during the period if you and your child wish to enter school. 

If you do not wish to enroll in school, please submit the “Choritsu-Shogakko-Nyugaku-Jitai-Renrakuhyo (Notification form to decline enrollment in the town’s primary schools)”, that is enclosed with the above notice to the Educational Administration Division (Kyoiku-Kanri-ka) by August 27th, 2021 (Fri.). 


Guardians of foreign children who meet all of the following conditions are eligible. 

  • Children must be born between April 2nd, 2015 and April 1st, 2016.
  • Must be registered as a resident or live in Oizumi Town
  • Both guardians and their children must have wishes to enter school.


8:30 ~ 17:15 from August 30th to September 10th (Fri.) except Saturday and Sunday.

Contact Information & Reception Counter

Educational Administration Division (Kyoiku-Kanri-ka)
Phone: 0276-63-3111
Counter: The 21st counter on the 3rd floor in the town hall