Shugaku Enjo Seido (Financial assistance for school expenses)

The town provides financial assistance for schooling expenses to parents or guardians of children who have difficulty in receiving compulsory education due to financial reasons, and to parents or guardians who have received a reduction or exemption of municipal tax due to the disaster.

Financial Assistance for School Expenses


Parents or guardians of children who live in Oizumi Town and are enrolled or will be enrolled in primary or junior high school, and who meet the following requirements, as approved by the Board of Education.

  • Whose “Seikatsu Hogo Hou (Public Assistance Act.)” have been suspended or repealed.
  • Who are exempt from town’s resident tax, or who receive exemptions from individual business tax, town resident tax, property tax, national pension insurance premium, and national health insurance tax.
  • Who receive the “Jido-Fuyo-Teate (Child Rearing Allowance)”
  • Receiving a loan under the “Seikatsu Fukushi Shikin Seido (Welfare Fund Loan System)”.
  • Others
    1. The guardian’s occupation or income is unstable and living conditions are extremely poor.
    2. Many absences due to financial reasons.
    3. The income of all household members is less than 1.2 times the public assistance standard.

Contents of Assistance

All or part of the cost will be assisted based on the unit price set by the Board of Education.
The aid fee will be paid at the end of each semester. The new enrollment preparation fee will be paid at the end of February, prior to enrollment.

  • Expenses for school supplies and school commuting supplies 
  • Expenses for school supplies for new school enrollment
  • School trip expenses, Off-school activitiy expenses 
  • School lunce fee
  • PTA membership fee
  • Children’s association fee or student council fee

How to apply

If you wish to apply for assistance, please fill out necessary information in the application form and submit it with required documents to the school.
Please note that not all applicants will be able to receive assistance.

Incentives for Special Needs Students

Assistance is provided to parents of students enrolled in primary school special needs classes and junior high school special needs classes in the town in order to reduce their financial burden.
For details, please contact your school or the Board of Education.

Contact Information

Educational Administration Division
Phone: 0276-63-3111
Counter: The 21st counter on the 3rd floor in the Town Hall