Actions against when Ballistic Missiles fall

When ballistic missiles are launched from North Korea and there is a possibility to land on Japanese territory,  its information is transmitted by the government to related areas by using J-Alert emergency broadcast system which is the nationwide warning/alert system. From Oizumi Town, its information is conveyed to inhabitants by “Oizumi Safe and Security e-Mail” and also “Emergency Prompt e-Mail”. 

As for the emergency prompt e-mail, other languages and easy Japanese are also prepared. In details, please refer to the following explanation about the area e-mail (the emergency prompt e-mail).

Multilingual of the area e-mail (the emergency prompt e-mail): 多言語対応の「エリアメール(緊急速報メール)」について

Actions against when the ballistic missiles fall 

When you receive the message, stay calm and take the following action quickly.

If you are outside,

Take shelter in sturdy buildings or underground. If there are no buildings nearby, hide behind objects or lie on your stomach, protecting your head.

If you are indoors,

Move away from windows or move to a windowless room.

Civil Protection Portal Site

In the civil protection portal site, several actions that we have to take are shown when ballistic missiles fall.  

Civil Protection Portal Site: [External Link, Japanese & English] 国民保護ポータルサイト(外部リンク)(日本語、英語)

Contact: the safe and security section in Oizumi Town Hall  Phone:0276-63-3111 (Main switchboard)

Please refer to the following handbill.