The “My Number Card” is being issued.

The “My Number Card (an individual number card)” is a plastic card which contains an IC chip, and the name, address, date of birth, sex, My Number (the Individual Number), and ID photograph, etc., are displayed on it. This card can be used as an identification card for identity verification as well as to receive a wide range of services including municipality services and electronic applications using the electronic certificate such as e-Tax.

It usually takes about one month from application to issuance, but may take longer if the number of applications increases nationwide in the future.

  • マイナンバーカード表面(イメージ)

    Front Side of My Number Card (Image)

  • マイナンバーカード裏面(イメージ)

    Back Side of My Number Card (Image)

How to apply for and receive the “My Number Card”

The process from application to issuance is as follows.

  1. Check the application form of “My Number Card” which was sent together with “Tsuchi Card”.  
    Your name and address are indicated on the front page of the application form. 
    Please make sure that the contents on the front page are correct, and write your name and the date of the application by your hand on the back side of the application form. 
    In addition, if you do not wish to have an  electronic certificate issued, please fill in the check box of the relevant electronic certificate in black. 
    If you have changed your address or name, or if you are a foreign nationality and your period of stay has been renewed, please come to the resident affairs division so that your application form can be re-issued. 
  2. Attach your face photo which have taken within 6 months to the application form, place it in the return envelope enclosed with the notice, and drop it in the mailbox.
  3. When your “My Number Card” is ready to be issued, a notice of  issuance of  your “Individual Number Card” will be mailed. 
    Please come to the resident affairs division with the required documents mentioned below. 
  4. After confirming your identity, you will be asked to set your password and your “My Number Card” will be issued. 

Handling charge for initial issuance of  the “My Number Card” is free. 

Issuance Hours

  • Weekdays: 8:30AM ~ 5:15PM
  • Wednesday: 8:30Am ~ 7:15PM
  • Saturday : 8:30AM ~ 5:15PM  

Required Documents

  • Notice of  issuance of  your “Individual Number Card” (Kojin Bango Card Kofu Tsuchi Sho) : Post Card
  • Tsuchi Card
  • Your identification document (Zairyu Card, Driver’s License Card, Passport, etc.)
  • Basic Resident Register Card (if you have)

Application for reissuance of the “My Number Card”

Even if your “My Number Card” has been issued, if you wish to reissue it due to loss or other reasons, please take procedures as follows.  

The issuance process after application is the same as initial process. 

Application Method

Send the application form for reissuance (Sai Kofu Shinseisho) to the following address. 

  • 〒219-8650
  • Japan Post Co., Ltd. Kawasaki Higashi Post Office, P.O. Box No. 2
  • Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems
  • Individual Number Card Issuance Application Reception Center

Preparation for the application

You may need to make preparations depending on the reason for reissuance, please check the followings.  

If your card is damaged or expired,

Your card must be collected. Please submit a return form at the resident affairs division. 

If your card has been lost or stolen, 

Before taking procedures of the reissuance application at the resident affairs division, following procedures are required. 

  • Notify the resident affairs division or “My Number Card” call center and stop the card function temporarily. 
  • If your card has been lost or stolen outside your home, submit a a lost and found (Ishitsubutsu Todoke) report or so on to the police. 
  • Please bring the receipt number of the “lost and found (Ishitsubutsu Todoke)” and your identification documents, and submit the lost and abolition form of “My Number Card” at the resident affairs division. 
“My Number Card” Call Center

Phone: 0570-783-578

Reissue Fee

800 yen per card
(200 yen will be added for each electronic certificate to be stored.)

Contact Information

Resident Affairs Division
Phone: 0276-63-3111
Counter: the 1st counter on the 1st floor in the Town Hall