Q1 How to Dispose of Garbage: Can vacuum cleaners and stoves (fan heater) be taken out as Non-Burnable Trash?
A1 If the item does not exceed 60 cm and it is not used for work, you can take it out as Non-Burnable Trash. You have to pay for items you use for work.
Please empty the oil in the stove (fan heater).
In addition, please bring items over 60 cm directly to the Cleaning “Seisou” Center.

Cleaning Center
Reception Date
1、Monday to Friday(including holidays)
2、3rd Saturday of every month
9:00 – 11:30
13:00 – 16:00
Rate for charged trash
5kg 72yen

Q2 Is it possible for 12-13 years-old children who have been attending Brazilian schools to transfer to public schools this year?
A2 You can change schools. Please make an effort to learn Japanese and catch up on school subjects. Also, please be aware that public schools charge for teaching materials, meals, and other expenses. Please consult the Educational Administration Division for details.
Q3 I would like to move into prefectural/municipal housing. What do I need?

Prefectural housing accepts applications at any time.
We accept applications for municipal housing as needed, but please contact the Urban Development Division for details such as application conditions.
phone number 0276-63-3111(EXT243)