Subsidies for training of nursing care workers.

Oizumi Town will subsidize the expense of training course for personnel who are working for the elderly and other people in order to support their skill improvement. 

Eligible Persons

Those who meet all of the following conditions are eligible. 

  1. Those who have address in the town. 
  2. Those who paid municipal taxes in full. 

Amount of subsidies

Expense of training courses excluding the cost of teaching materials will be subsidized.
The upper limit of subsidies are as follows. 
However, if you are receiving other subsidies, the amount that the amount of the other subsidy is deducted from the upper limit below will be the amount of maximum limit.

  • Kaigo-Shokuin-Shoninsha-Kenshu-Katei (Care worker induction course): 30,000 yen
  • Seikatsu-Enjo-Jujisha-Kenshu-Katei (Life support worker training course: 15,000 yen

Application Period

April 1st, 2021 ~ March 31st, 2022

Application Method

Please submit the following documents within 6 months after completion of the course. 

  1. Kaigoin-Yosei-Kenshu-Jukohi-Hojokin-Kofu-Shinseisho (An application form for subsidy for the care worker training course) 
  2. A copy of your Resident Record
  3. A Tax Payment Certificate of Municipal Tax
  4. A receipt of the expense for the care worker training course
  5. A certificate to show that you have completed the care worker training course. 

If you provide a “Chozei-tou-Chosa-Etsuran-Doisho (Consent Form on Inspection of Municipal Tax, etc.)”, 2 & 3 above are not required.


The “Kaigo-Shokuin-Shienkin-Kofu-Jigyo (Care Worker Support Money Project) which was implemented until FY2020 has ended.

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