Alert level of disaster prevention information has been reviewed.

Based on the lessons learned from the East Japan Typhoon in 2019, a national review meeting was held, and the evacuation information was reviewed from May 20th, 2021. Those who are in a dangerous area with an evacuation order of alert level 4 will always be evacuated and the evacuation advisory has been abolished.  Alert level 1 and 2 are announced by Japan Meteorological Agency, and alert level 3 ~ 5 are warned by municipalities urgently. 

Multilingual Handbills

If you scan the QR code of the handbill attached below, you can read the contents in other languages. 

New Evacuation Information [External Link, in Japanese] (PDF/3,420KB)

Contents of Alert Levels

Risk Level

Alert Level

Actions that residents should take

Evacuation Information, etc.



We are already in a disaster situation. Take the best course of action to protect your life. 

Kinkyu Anzen Kakuho (Ensuring emergency safety)
4 Evacuate immediately. If it is unsafe to go outside, evacuate to a safe place nearby or to a safer place in your home. 

Hinan Shiji (Evacuation Order) 

Middle 3 Those who need more time to evacuate such as the elderly, disabled, and children should evacuate with their helper. Others should prepare for evacuation. 

Koreisha Hinan (Evacuation of the elderly, etc.)

2 For preparation of the evacuation, check evacuation method with the hazard map (Oizumi-machi Comprehensive Disaster-Preparedness Map). 

Chuiho (Advisory)

Low 1 Increase your preparation  against a disaster.  Soki Chui Joho (Early Attention Information) 


  • Regarding “Kinkyu Anzen Kakuho (Ensuring emergency safety)”, due to the fact that it is sometimes difficult for the town to obtain reliable information on disasters, “Alert Level 5” is not always issued.
  • “Hinan Shiji (Evacuation Order)” is issued at the same timing as previous “Hinan Kankoku (Evacuation Advisory).” 
  • As for “Koreisha Hinan (Evacuation of the elderly, etc.)” which is “Alert Level 3,” it is the time for people other than the elderly and so on to begin to adjust their usual activities, prepare for evacuation, or voluntarily evacuate if they feel they are in danger.

Points of Change

  • In order to clarify the timing of evacuation, the evacuation advisory and evacuation order (emergency) at alert level 4 have been consolidated into a single “evacuation order.” 
  • When a disaster has occurred or is imminent and evacuation to a shelter cannot be safely carried out at Alert Level 4, information that urges people to take emergency measures to secure their safety at home or in nearby buildings has been placed at Alert Level 5, “Kinkyu Anzen Kakuho (Ensuring emergency safety).” 
  • The name of Alert Level 3 has been reviewed to “Koreisha Hinan (Evacuation of the elderly, disabled, children, etc.)” in order to clarify the targets for early evacuation.

Contact Information

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