Application of preparation money for single parent families

For the purpose of developing healthy children and improving their talent, the town will grant a preparation money for single parent families whose child enters a primary school or goes on to a higher education.  


Those who are a single parent household or are rearing a child who do not have parents are eligible. In addition to that, they have to meet the following conditions when their child enters a primary school or goes on to a higher education. 

  • Living in Oizumi town.
  • Rearing a child who does not finish compulsory education and living together with the child. 
  • No income tax is levied.
  • Not being receiving public assistance. 

Amount of preparation money 

Amount of the preparation money is as follows.

  • For entering a primary school … 10,000 yen
  • For entering a junior high school … 15,000 yen
  • For entering a high school … 20,000 yen

Application Procedures 

Please bring the following documents and materials for the application. 

  • Application form for the preparation money
  • Your Seal (Inkan)
  • Your Bankbook
  • Jidou-Fuyoteate-Shosho” (Certificate for Child-Rearing Allowance), or “Jidou-Fuyoteate-Shikyu-Teishi-Tsuchisho” (Notification of Suspension of Child-Rearing Allowance Payment) if you are recipient of the Child-Rearing Allowance.  
  • If you are foreign nationality, a certificate provided by your mother country to prove that you are a single is required. The translation in Japanese is also required. 
  • If you are not resident in Oizumi as of January 1st, your income-tax certificate (“Shotoku-Kazei-Shomeisho“) in the previous year is required. (If your child enters school between July and March, your income-tax certificate in this years is required.) 
  • Nyugaku-Tsuchisho” (Notification to accept school enrollment) which is sent to you around middle to late January.
  • Certificate of enrollment for your child, or your child’s Student Card (when your child goes on to a high school or so on.)

If you are not the recipient of “Jidou-Fuyoteate” (Child-Rearing Allowance) and meet the following situation, please consult the Children Affairs Division, because required documents are different.   

  • You became a single parent for reasons other than spouse’s death or divorce, or reasons other than unmarried.
  • You are rearing a child  who does not have parents.

As for the application form, you can download it from the website attached below, or it is distributed at the counter in the town hall.  

Contact Information

Children Affairs Dividion (Kodomo-ka)
Phone: 0276-63-3111 (Main)