For foreigners who wish to study in high schools

The High School Tuition Support Fund (Kouto-gakko Shugaku Shienkin Seido) provides students with financial aid to reduce education costs of their families. 

Tuition fee for public high schools becomes zero yen, and tuition fee for private high schools  becomes zero yen or some charge according to their parents’ income.   

Tuition fee pays to schools directly from the government, but individuals can’t receive it. 

High School Tuition Support Fund (Kouto-gakko Shugaku Shienkin Seido


Persons who meet both following two conditions

  • Enroll in high schools
  • live in Japan

Even if students are attending foreigners’ schools, they may be able to take this fund depending upon the school. Please visit the web-site of ”Ministry of education” to check which schools are applicable for this fund.  

Please note that following persons can’t use this fund.

  • Students that their parents’ annual income is more than 9,100,000 yen
  • Students who have already graduated from high school
  • Students who have enrolled in a high school for more than 36 months

How to apply for the fund

When you enter to a high school, some documents will be handed to you. Please complete documents and submit them to the school.