Japanese Events and Holidays in September

September 1st:  Bosai no Hi (Disaster Prevention Day)

In Japan, September 1st is “Disaster prevention Day”.
It is a reference to the Great Kanto Earthquake that occurred on this day in 1923.

On this day, various drills that assume mainly earthquakes are held in many schools, local governments, public transportation and so on.

September 19th: Keiro no Hi (Respect-for-the-Aged Day)

It is one of Japan’s national holidays and is designated as “a day to honor the elderly who have served society for many years and celebrate their longevity”.

Until 2002, it was held on September 15 every year, but since 2003, it has been designated as the third Monday of September under the Happy Monday Act.

September 23rd:  Shubun no Hi (Autumnal Equinox Day)

It is one of Japan’s national holidays. The day on which the autumnal equinox occurs is selected and designated as this holiday. It is usually held on one of the days between September 22nd and September 23rd.

The purpose of this day is to “honor our ancestors and mourn those who are gone”.