Japanese Events and Holidays in November

November 3rd:  Bunka no Hi (Culture Day)

It is one of Japan’s national holidays, and the purpose of this day is to promote our culture by loving freedom and peace. Since the Constitution of Japan places great importance on peace and culture, November 3rd, the day of its promulgation, was made a national holiday as “Culture Day”.

By the way, this day is famous for its extremely sunny weather.

November 15th:  Shichi – Go – San (七五三) 

Shichi-Go-San” is a rite of passage in life for three-year-old boys and girls, five-year-old boys, and seven-year-old girls. It is an event to celebrate their safe growth up to that point and to pray for their continued healthy growth. It takes place on or around November 15th.

November 23rd:  Kinro Kansha no Hi (Labor Thanksgiving Day)

“Labor Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday established for the purpose of “honoring labor, celebrating production, and thanking each other.
Labor Thanksgiving Day has originated from the “Nii-Name Festival” which was a ceremony that honored the grain-rich food that had been around before 1945.